Week 1 & 2 Master Key Experience

I’m writing my very first blog post.  I’m finding all of this very interesting learning about blogs and how much they can help your business or to just stay in touch with family and friends. We are ending week 2 and will begin week 3 this Sunday. For the last two weeks it’s been mostly learning new things and getting organized.  I’m loving reading the scroll every day, my DMP and the other assignments haven’t done this much reading since school.  Since this is my 50th year reunion it’s been quite a while.  But it’s good to dust off the cobwebs. I hope this post is the right kind of posts we’re suppose to be doing.


Week 1

Learning the Master Key has a lot of steps to it and is very detailed, I’m finding it a bit challenging and confusing at times but interesting at the same time.  I love that it is pushing me to challenge myself.  I love learning and I think I’ll be doing a lot of that.

I’m still happy I was offered the free scholarship and I plan on taking full advantage of it.


These next few weeks I’ll be very busy with the Election coming up because I am very involved with the election.  We have a big weekend this weekend it’s the last weekend to register to vote and we have a lot of displaced Latinos from Puerto Rico in our area and we’re getting the registered to vote.

I’m still getting caught up on week 2 still very impressed with the variety of  additional classes being shared. Today I was on the speed reading class but will have to re-watch 👀it because I lost my connection to the internet about an hour in and missed some of it.  Very interesting though what I did see so I am looking forward to relistening  to it.  I liked how she ended the class with some sound healing.

Tomorrow I have another busy day blood work in the AM, lunch meeting with a customer, and a delivery to make after that.  Then its making the Chili for our meet and greet for the local candidates for our event on Saturday. Well that’s it until week 3. :-))